Tough times call for tough measures!
Keeping up-to-speed with the need of the hour of staying safe at home, Oruga World now launches its ‘online classes’ for preschoolers through an ‘OrugaFun@Home’ program. We understand that it can be challenging for preschoolers to transit to this new program but acceptance comes naturally to children. Our aim is to make this transition as smooth and convenient for children as possible.  Don’t let the lockdown take away the learning experiences which your child deserves in the
foundation years of growth and development. Our brain develops about 90% in the first 6 years of age. Know this that, the 1-6-year olds are like little sponges at that age. They can take in so much; even more than you think. You, as a parent, should make use of this time to equip your little ones with the skills they need in their lives.

Get a school kit.

Parental guidance on teaching.

Offline Home-Play Assignments.

Evaluations on regular intervals.

Curriculum aiming Holistic development of child.

Assistance in activity videos if you miss the live class.

15 children per batch & Focus on Physical, Mental and Emotional health.

Interactive, Secure, Fun, Engaging and effective Home connect sessions. (Duration: 40 – 50 mins & 100 sessions in one term.)