Activity Center

Toddler Programs

Toddlers and their mommies make their grand debut into the world of formal learning! This program provides a jump start to the parent-child reciprocal relationship.

Little Explorers

The little toddlers will grove to music, splash in water, paint messy pictures, explore touch-and- feel books, cook and mash food, dramatize and do lots more. The program celebrates the arts, sciences and most importantly – the joy of parenting. It provides sensorially stimulating activities which lead to increased neural connections in the brain.

Age 16 – 24 months
Frequency 5 days / Week
Duration 1:30 Hr

Without Parents

Parent Toddler Program

Babies are born wanting to learn, like little scientists.
They explore and learn through all their senses even before they can crawl. Find out how you can encourage this learning by providing new opportunities for them to touch, taste, smell, grab and listen to the world around them in a safe and nurturing environment.

Age 6 – 24 months
Frequency 3 days / Week
Duration 1:30 Hr

With Parents/ Caregiver